About the lecture

Troubles on Accelerated Aligner Orthodontics

Recent introduction of non-invasive acceleration device promote the accelerated aligner treatment more popular. Technically, it looks very simple that “changing aligner fast”. However, this frequent change of aligner means not only chance of easy off-track but also severely off-track of the aligner in a short term which result in more time consuming treatment due to recovering those situation.

In this presentation, I will describe failures and troubles I experienced in accordance with 1) goal setting, 2)clincheck staging, 3)attachment and 4)patient. And for those failures and troubles, some approach will be proposed to prevent them and resolve them according to 3 principles of accelerated aligner treatment using OrthoPulse®.

About Dr. Hirohide Arimoto

1966(昭和41年)和歌山市生まれ Born in Wakayama City
1985(昭和60年)私立清風南海高校卒 Graduated Seifu Nankai High School
1991(平成3年)大阪歯科大学卒 DDS Degree in Osaka Dental University
1995(平成7年)大阪歯科大学大学院卒 歯学博士(歯科矯正学) PhD Degree in Osaka Dental University
1996(平成8年)大阪歯科大学歯科矯正学講座非常勤講師 Assistant Lecturer in Osaka Dental University
1998(平成10年)大阪歯科大学歯科矯正学講座助教 Assistant Professor in Osaka Dental University
2001(平成13年)イースマイル矯正歯科開業 Established E-Smile Orthodontic Office
2004 (平成16年)大阪歯科大学退職
2006 (平成18年)医療法人イースマイル矯正歯科理事長


医療法人イースマイル矯正歯科理事長 CEO of E-Smile Orthodontic Office Med. Co.
日本矯正歯科学会認定医 Accredited Orthodontist of Japan Orthodontic Society
日本非抜歯矯正研究会マスター会員・インストラクター Core Member & Instractor of Japanese Academy of Non-extraction Orthodontics
アングルソサエティ国際レギュラーメンバー Regular member at large of E. H. Angle Society of Orthodontist