About the lecture

Digitization in orthodontic treatment sometimes blunts the doctor’s diagnosis, and it becomes a trap without knowing unintentionally.

examination / diagnosis / planning / treatment. How much digital error can control in each process? In the first place, no error can occur in “digital". If there is an error in digital, it is a mistake at the start point. You should not forget it is important to interpose doctor’s mind at the start position any time. It is you who decide the starting point.

We have some experience of digital error in aligner orthodontics in this 10 year.

I will show you how to manage the error, and recover step by step, and achieve 1500 cases of aligner orthodontics.

Abut Dr. Chisato Dan

After graduation of Kanagawa Dental University, Dr, Chisato Dan became a member of Smile Innovation Orthodontics Tokyo. Since then, Dr. Dan has been administering Invisalign orthodontic treatments on a regular basis under the supervision of clinic director Dr. Ojima. From her experience, she had some lectures around Japan, Korea.

She is a board member and speaker of Japan Academy of Aligner Orthodontics.

Smile Innovation Orthodontics have most cases of OrthoPulse with Invisalign in the world.

She published the JCO article “Invisalign Treatment Accelerated by Photobiomodulation” in 2016.

She will also hold a lecture at Swiss Aligner Orthodontics society in September 2017.