TAAO invites the lecturers honorably.

Each  lecturer's profile and topic is ordered by the schedule of the symposium



Dr. Yi-Kwong Yau

Day 1: Who makes the Offtracking ? Day 2 : Who fixes the Offtracking ?

Dr. Jie Tian (China)

The Divergent : Class III Treatment with Aligners

Dr. Chisato Dan (Japan)

Recovering from failure with Aligner Orthodontics

Dr. Hirohide Arimoto (Japan)

Troubles on Accelerated Aligner Orthodontics

Dr. Yu-Tang Lin (Taiwan)

Treatment Design with Aligners and Orthognathic Surgery

Dr. Shi-Yu Chen (Taiwan)

Solving Problems of ClinCartoon

Dr. Tony Wu (Taiwan)

Overbite Control in orthodontic treatment